Gomen-nasai (sorry in Japanese).  So I've been travelling to Seattle/Redmond in the last 2 weeks, and Diana has been working hard.  More pics to show up soon.  

In my travels, I do have to say that Northwest has some pretty nice biz lounges.  The biz class flights are pretty nice too.  The Airbus planes can almost recline to a full flat position.

The other good news is that I've got my JP work visa, and I've applied for all the crap that I need to do.  I finally got a bank account also with Citibank.  Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a joint bank account in Japan.  There's only single accounts and at most 2 bank cards for the kunai (wife, in Japanese).  Although kunai is not a politically correct word, as it means "in the house".  So the wife is now called "tsuma".  BTW, in Japanese, these are the words that I, the hubby, can call the wife.  The wife refers to the man as shujin ("master"), and again politically incorrect, so it's now "otto".

Ok, enough digressing.  Will post more pics soon.