Henry and I signed up for a cooking class taught by an American woman who is married to a Japanese man and who has lived in Japan for almost 40 years now.  The focus of this particular course was cooking fish.  We tried three different recipes: steamed in foil (mushimono), simmered in broth (nimono) and seared and glazed (yakimono).  I think my favorite was the simmered one, followed by the seared and glazed.  The simmered one looks like meat doesn't it?

The class was very small (only 6 people total) and we each set our own trays for lunch afterwards.  She had so many different kinds of plates and bowls to choose from so the presentation was very colorful and fun.  It was quite a lot of food and delicious, too.

The next week, Henry tried his hand at making the nimono which turned out quite good.