We read about it on the go-ramen blog, and we've had it.  The green curry ramen has been eaten!  Diana had the tom yum ramen.  This was at Bassanova near the Shindaita station west of Tokyo.

I would rate it about a 6 or a 7.  Sam rated it a 5.  Wendy a 4.  Unfortunately, all of our tastes wanted Thai style curry to have a good building burn.  This curry wasn't too sweet and not at all spicy.  In my opinion it was a good full package, good solid simple flavor, great fresh noodles, and the right amount of broth.  The presentation was slightly lacking with a small bowl.  I'd go back again.

Diana's Tom yum curry ramen

The go-ramen guy actually just quit his Ivan ramen job and started working at Bassanova.  He made his first bowls of ramen for us.