Yup, Xmas in Tokyo is Date night (Dec 24th) and the popular food to have is fried chicken.  This year, we actually didn't have fried chicken, or pronounced… Friedo chikin (フライドチキン) in Japanese…  We actually went to an ryokan, Japanese style hotel, in Yamanashi.  However, today, Dec 27th, we had some fried chicken just for the heck of it.

Today's challenge was:  What tastes better?  MOS Burger's Fried Chicken or KFC?

The typical person would say, KFC is great.  However, the original recipe, nor the crispy recipe is zero match to the MOS burger fried chicken.  MOS burger is exactly as the rumors say.  It's not oily, and it's good fried chicken.

Here come the photos!

MOS burger fried chicken actually looks like a drumstick but is almost boneless.  The top of the "flat drumstick" is actually boneless, while the holding end of it, is the short bone of the thigh.  Pretty ingenious.   Pictured here is the drumstick-looking fried chicken.  The not-so-famous fried chicken is the black pepper chicken which is very peppery and much better than this one.  I'm only posting this one because it looks much more interesting in a photo.

drumstick fried chicken

The drumstick friend chicken is kept in a normal bag with instructions and a perforated sack to tear.  It was a very good user experience!

The chicken in very crispy dark meat.  Mmmm =)

The downside of MOS burger, is that it's a burger joint, so we didn't have the usual sides.  We ended up going to KFC for some chicken pot pie and with corn and coleslaw.  It was the side dishes to our MOS burger dinner!