Between Henry's work trip, my radiation "break" in Korea and the Jeju Ultimate Frisbee tournament, we spent a lot of time in Korea in March and April.

We had a lot of Korean fried chicken which I hear is very popular in the US as well.

We also ate lots of red, spicy food.

Check out the "Special Menu"  In the airport at Jeju, we had to pass through a radiation detector!



Before the tournament and after the tournament, we did a little sightseeing - waterfalls, lava tubes and LOVELAND!   Henry's ultimate frisbee team for Jeju included some old friends from the US.

We had lots of yummy food as well from Korean pork BBQ to fresh abalone sashimi and sea squirt.

You could even get fresh octopus from the old diving women of Jeju.

NSFW  The following pictures are definitely not safe for work! NSFW

Jeju had lots of different tourist attractions.  I had heard about Loveland and we went after the tournament and we were not disappointed!  Quite the interesting erotic art park.  There are more interesting pictures in the album.