I guess it's been a while since we've had a good food porn post so here goes…

While Henry was checking out the restaurants around our neighborhood one day, he ran across a French restaurant right around the corner from our apartment - Restaurant Bacar.  It was ranked Top 50 Tokyo restaurants on a popular restaurant review website.  I called 2 months ahead for 2 days to get a reservation and it was clear that this place booked up fast.  We went to celebrate our anniversary with a special dinner.

The waiter was quite entertaining and we started off with an amuse of caramel covered cherry tomato with salt and pepper.

We also had the bagna cauda made with crab miso for dipping lots of fresh, colorful veggies including an oyster leaf (that really tasted like fresh oyster!) and fried ayu!

Then we had an appetizer of eel and foie gras with mango.

Yummy! The main dish was a roasted quail filled with grains.

We also had a rice course - I had chicken and negi and Henry had eel.  Dessert was peach with chamomile ice cream and hazelnut souffle.  It was an amazing, simple, delicious meal that ended with freshly made caramel.