We've left Tokyo about a week and a half ago.  It was a crazy few weeks heading up to the big move.  First, Diana finished work, and the next day we left to Taiwan to visit family.  Then we came back and both of us were packing and doing the final sobetsukais (going away dinners) with everyone.  Here's some pictures of the long run to the finale.

NOTE:  Technically, we're back in Tokyo for a couple of days in Jan to pickup luggage after our long 1 month vacation in Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia, but we're homeless, so it really does mean that we're out of Japan.

The Clown Punch + friends sobetsukai

Andre's group's concert, the UFO phonics.

Last time to take print club pictures, well.. first time for me, but the girls were editing here.

Our last すき焼き sukiyaki.  The left side is the high end fatty 黒毛牛肉 kuroge beef (this one from 鹿児島 Kagoshima).  That's also not butter on top.  It's fat, and soooo good.

Our last sushi at our favorite place, 魚真 Uoshins, the 寿司屋 sushi-ya.

The last time to see the manga man!  We hadn't seen him in Shimokitazawa in a long time.

At the Tokyo Ultimate 忘年会 bonenkai our friends gave us signed discs.

The view of the moving truck as it took our the remainder of our apt away.  We came in with 22 boxes, airshipped.  We left with 89 boxes sea shipped.  I don't think we accumulated that much stuff, but the Japanese movers tend to pack the boxes lighter.