Before we left Tokyo, Henry and I had a couple kaiseki dinners.  One with a partner at the firm, another just the two of us.  And that doesn't include the kaiseki dinner and lunch I had in Kyoto/Nara.  he he

As always, the ingredients were top-notch and the presentation was beautiful.  One kaiseki dinner was at a long-standing traditional kaiseki restaurant that had opened up a branch at the Cerulean Tower Hotel.

This dish was soft shell turtle chawanmushi (steamed savory egg custard).

This restaurant also had a dessert cart which was different from the usual kaiseki places.

The other kaiseki place we tried was located in an old neighborhood in Tokyo, down an atmospheric, quaint alley.

We got to sit at the counter and watch the chefs work right in front of us.  Check out the tuna in the box!

We also had our own fish shabu shabu.

It was a very filling dinner.