I went to Kyoto and Nara to enjoy the autumn leaves one more time before leaving Japan.  On our way to Tofukuji we stopped and admired the red leaves against the white walls.

We also went to Ginkakuji which had been closed for renovations since we arrived in Japan until 2011.  It was somewhat similar to Kinkakuji - just not gold - and it has some really cool stone sculpture/zen garden.

A lot of people were in kimono walking around admiring the leaves as well.

We also got to see light-up koyo before heading to a true Kyoto kaiseki dinner.

We had our own private room and ten courses!  I'll have to do another post on the kaiseki.

The next day we went sightseeing in Nara.  And, of course, being in Nara, we saw a lot of deer!  And the deer will bow to you - if they think you will give them food.

The big buddha is housed in the largest wooden structure in the world.

This hole in the pillar is the same size as the buddha's nose and it's considered good luck to crawl through the hole.  I thought about it but all these kids were crawling through and I didn't want to get stuck!

We also stopped by one of the famous gardens in Nara which was beautiful!